When practicing, it is important that we conceptualize how we learn. Many times, practice habits we think are beneficial aren't as great as we think. This book will focus on preparing practice schedules that can provide the most benefits to you.


Varied And random practice

When we are practicing, it is important to avoid repeating the same thing over and over. This is called blocked practice. When you practice this way, you might be able to play something better at the end of your session, but, it doesn't necessarily result in developing any skill.

Instead, it is important to rotate through exercises during each practice session. Varied practice uses the idea that we will rotate through exercises. If you are able to randomly choose the order of exercises, you would be further increasing the chance that you are learning a skill.




Rest is a critical component to developing skill. During any exercise, it is important to give yourself an equal amount of rest. This rest gives your brain the chance to process all of the information it received while you were practicing.


PRACTICE Versus Play

There are two different approaches to the type of exercises you might do during practice and their results